Welcome to the MyTributeGift Foundation!

MyTributeGift Foundation operates in both the US and Canada acting as granters of memorial donations to single charity funds.

Our mission is to facilitate online donation giving to any charity registered in the US and Canada that will result in greater fundraising effect for the sector where otherwise not economically feasible.

The MyTributeGift Foundation has facilitated online donation giving to thousands of charities, large and small, across North America.

Through the use of an online processing software platform, individual donors or corporate organizations can make direct donations to any of the close to 1 million IRS 501 (c) (3) exempt nonprofits, or 85,000+ CRA-registered charities in Canada. The MyTributeGift Foundation receives online donations in trust, issues donor tax receipts under the auspices of the Foundation’s exempt status in the respective country jurisdictions, and distributes funds to eligible charities as designated by the donor.

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